December 19, 2023

Top 100 Wineries for 2023, by Halliday Wine Companion

In the inaugural Halliday Wine Companion Top 100 Wineries, our tiny little GI of Beechworth, included six Vignerons!

Chief editor Campbell Mattinson reveals the producers included in the inaugural Halliday Wine Companion Top 100 Wineries and tells us how he selected the 100 wineries from around the country.

“It hurts me to say that a host of my favourite Australian wineries – and some of the wineries most represented in my personal cellar – do not appear here. There are scores of producers who can count themselves ultra-unlucky. This list is about now, in the glass. High scoring wines in a producer’s current range are of absolute relevance here, but so too is consistency across the entire range. If the range of wines isn’t consistently good, or is patchy, then it has been downgraded in calculations. In short, this is a list of producers who know, in their heart and in their head, that consumers don’t owe them a living. This is a list of producers who are prepared to stake their reputation on every single wine they release.”

We’ve pulled together the six Beechworth Vignerons and Wineries featured in this year’s Top 100 wineries list, from Halliday chief editor Campbell Mattinson.

The Top 10 of the 100 Wineries, and where our Beechworth Vigneron’s placed:

1. Oakridge Wines
2. Yangarra Estate Vineyard
3. Mount Pleasant
4. Giant Steps
5. By Farr
6. Grosset
7. Cullen Wines
8. Tyrrell’s Wines
9. Bindi Wines
10. Mount Mary

11. Giaconda
30. Sorrenberg
56. Savaterre
66. Domenica
74. Eldorado Road
81. Traviarti

Read the full list, and all of the wineries included here.